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Build Your Business to Keep, Sell or Close for a Profit


Building your business should be the biggest and most financially rewarding achievement of your working life. Whether at the end of the day you plan to keep, sell or close your business, it should provide you with the profit you need to fund your lifestyle and ultimately enjoy a comfortable retirement.


Nobody Else’s Business will help you plan to profit from your business – large or small. You will learn The Seven Deadly Sins of being in business and strategies that can turn your business into the wealth generator you need it to be.


Nobody Else’s Business is the road map that will help set you and your business on the road to financial freedom...

About the Author and Contributor

Andrew Pavuk - Author is Principal of Pavuk Legal, Solicitors and Attorneys. Before establishing his own legal practice,


Andrew was a partner of Gadens Lawyers and Piper Alderman Lawyers. With over 23 years experience, he is a solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW and has a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws.


“It gives you a set of strategies at each junction point with enough information to differentiate … your business and that is not all. However, as I’ve stated, that is precisely what those needing to understand business require in order to get effective help from their advisors”.


Jeff Walsburg

of the Australian Investor’s Association.

Brian Boggs - Contributor is the Managing Director of Adviser Asset Solutions Pty Ltd  and M&A Consultancy. He is also a principal of  Information, Learning and Implementation.


Brian created and built a multi award winning advice business and along the way, picked up numerous awards for best practice and the prestigious Adviser.

3.5 CPD Points

3.5 CPD points are available via Mentor Education Group's CPDplus to financial planners, mortgage brokers and accountants who read Nobody Else's Business.


"nobody else's BUSINESS" is about helping business owners live the life they want to live, now and in the future. It is the ultimate guide book for succession planning of modern Australian Businesses.


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You can now purchase "nobody else's BUSINESS" online. Follow the link to the Buy page.

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You can now purchase "nobody else's BUSINESS" online. Follow the link to the Buy page.

nobody else's BUSINESS - Review

This is a simple book – that is not a put down but praise. For many of us, we started our businesses because of our passion for something which probably wasn’t business administration so a book that simplifies that aspect and gives us good strategies to pursue is to be welcomed.


It follows what the author defines as the seven deadly sins of business – know your business; don’t suffocate your business; invest wisely; correctly finance your business; understand the risks to your business; prepare to exit your business; and plan to preserve your estate.


As simple as those items sound understanding what makes them up and having a strategy for them requires knowledge which this book supplies at a basic level. It doesn’t supply “how to” knowledge; it supplies enough information to think through the basics and ask good questions of your advisors.


I know that was what I lacked when I first started out – the knowledge to ask good questions.


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