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Why Buy This Book?

nobody else's BUSINESS, by Andrew Pavuk with insights from Brian Boggs, can help inform people  before and after they meet with their advisers. It can give clients, regardless of their net worth, business or professional background information to ask better questions and make them more comfortable addressing the business wealth creation, exit and estate planning requirements. For advisers who assist in the business, professional or related fields, the book can be a prelude or a supplement to their work with clients. An annotated Table of Contents phrased in terms of personal or financial goals, helps readers choose the chapters that are relevant to them.


In both design and content, Nobody Else’s Business stands out from other books on this subject by:


• Recommending against a do-it-yourself approach


• Encouraging readers to seek professional advice and offering suggestions about how to find it


• Going beyond financial issues to explore the core values and family dynamics that drive decisions about business wealth creation and transfer


• Explaining complex principles in simple terms and focusing on the essentials, so business owners are not bombarded with more information than they can absorb


• Including an action-oriented “to-do” list at the end of each chapter


• Defining legal terms as they appear and in an extensive Glossary at the back of the book


• Keeping the material current by providing updates and revised chapters that can be downloaded through this website


To buy Nobody Else’s Business in bulk simply print out our Order Form and either fax or send back to us.




Why Buy This Book?

There is no business like your business and at the end of the day, how well it succeeds in building your wealth is up to you.


Business owners who fail to properly plan for the inevitable, often walk away with little or nothing to show for years and years of passion, dedication and very hard work.  Most of this failure was because they were guilty of one of The Seven Deadly Sins of business owners.


To give your business a fighting chance at giving you the lifestyle you need now and in the future, Andrew devised strategies to combat these sins; strategies based on principles gleaned from the myriad successful businesses he worked with, across a large cross-section of Australian companies of all shapes and sizes.


Readers of Nobody Else’s Business now have the opportunity to learn these strategies and to read the profound insights of financial services business specialist, Brian Boggs, who built a business from scratch and ultimately sold it for a significant profit.  It is Andrew and Brian’s intention that Nobody Else’s Business will provide business owners and those who advise them, with the roadmap that will lead them along the pathway to financial freedom; to show them how to take profit from businesses – either while owners are still working in them, or at the end of the day, or both.  Nobody Else’s Business also provides tips for helping business owners select the right professionals to help them along this journey.


Nobody Else’s Business is about helping business owners live the life they want to live, now and in the future. It is the ultimate guidebook for succession planning of modern Australian businesses.


Here are some ways that Nobody Else’s Business is easier to use and more up to date than other books on the subject: Explains, in the Table of Contents, how each chapter may be relevant to your situation; Translates complex principles into plain English; Covers only what you need to know, avoiding information overload; Uses graphics, including charts, sidebars and checklists, to quickly get across information

Employs a consumer-friendly font; Includes action-oriented checklists with follow-up steps


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